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Neil Dover - 50 Years

To all the Lovers, lifetime best friends and partners in love and life and crime. …

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Music Matters: The story behind my first release

carlyle-christopherson-music /

Music Matters is a self produced series by up and coming Indie artist Carlyle Christopherson. …

One Man Band | Gladson Peter | The Tribal Box

the_uncovered /

Master of 45 different instruments, Gladson Peter - One Man Band is India's first such …

Fareham Life. Living Statue. Who is Hiding Behind the Mask?

the_uncovered /

Fareham Life. Statutory Silence. We follow 'Mr Silence is Golden' Fareham's living statue around …

Jingo (live cover)

happy-freuds /

live cover/encore January 31st-2019 Casa De La Cultura Javea

Song-X (official promo video)

happy-freuds /

Our 2nd song even written and recorded. A 15/8 based alt/classic rock track

Wayne Janssen – Song For Tam – Canadian Fingerstyle Guitarist

bcguitarguy /

Original Fingerstyle, acoustic guitar composition, from Canadian guitarist, Wayne Janssen.

Wayne Janssen – Riptide – Canadian Fingerstyle Guitarist

bcguitarguy /

Original Solo Fingerstyle Composition From Canadian Guitarist Wayne Janssen

Lately Cover song

stephen-edmond-jr /

I love R&b and I want to share what I love with you! So I …

Debut single ‘Follow Me’

carlyle-christopherson-music /

Hello uncovered community and friends. I’m really pleased to share with you the first song …

Jason Ling – I Kiss I Touch

jason /

Spotify: Apple Music: Please forgive the clumsy first attempt at a video ? Hand in hand …

The Krazy Guy Bluegrass Boys – La La La

joe-cool /

Music Video: The Krazy Guy Bluegrass Boys - La La La

No Tell Motel – “Head In The Fire” Original Song

the_uncovered /

Head In The Fire By- No Tell Motel Album- One Night Stand.

‘Eventually’ Acoustic Live

carlyle-christopherson-music /

Here’s a stripped back acoustic version of one of the tracks off my soon to …


the_uncovered /

Complete sound track of Super Mario Bros. 1 street performance Filmed in Manchester UK March 2019, …

Life of a Busker – Daniel Ng

the_uncovered /

Contrary to popular belief, buskers aren't all poor, elderly, handicapped men playing the harmonica by …

TASH SULTANA “Busking in the City” Busker Stories (webseries) bonus video

ciocco /

TASH SULTANA - BONUS VIDEO "BUSKING IN THE CITY" #BuskerStories in this bonus video from …

Airto – “A New Year” Original Song

the_uncovered /

We are leaping into the new year with a video from Airto, in the Netherlands. …

Gina Rose Sturiano – “White Picket Fence” Original Song

ciocco /

With our first post of the New Year, we would like to welcome Gina from …

Maria Balabanovich – “Feel” Original Song

the_uncovered /

We would like to take you to Munich, Germany so you can hear Maria Balabanovich, …

Thawind Mills – “Why’s my Baby so Mean” Original Song

ciocco /

We would like to welcome, Thawind Mills from Austin, Texas, in this exclusive take on …

Evan J De Silva – “Stallion” Original Composition

the_uncovered /

We are so very excited to bring back 13-year-old Evan J De Silva with his …

Milly Pye – “Happy” Original Song

ciocco /

This evening we would like to give a warm welcome to, Milly Pye all the …

Mikey Merrill / Billy Scribbles

ciocco /

At "The Uncovered" we love exploring music. This past spring we recorded this exclusive video …

Vaden “Papa Vay” Landers – “There Goes My Everything” Classic

the_uncovered /

We are back in Asheville for another exclusive video from Vaden “Papa Vay” Landers. Vaden …

Ryu Lawden – ” Turkish March” by Mozart

the_uncovered /

We at "The Uncovered" are so very proud to bring you this exclusive video from …

Thawind Mills – “Love Song” Original Song

the_uncovered /

Happy Valentines Everyone!!! We would like to welcome back Thawind Mills to sing his original …

Markus Koehorst – “Crumbling of Berlin Wall” Original Song

the_uncovered /

We would like to give a HUGE shout out to Markus, a world traveler from …

Mark James Bozant – “With You” Original Song

the_uncovered /

Let's all welcome Mark Bozant from Louisiana, with his original song called "With You". We …

Neil Dover – 50 Years

the_uncovered /

To all the Lovers, lifetime best friends and partners in love and life and crime. …

Oh Sod It Here Comes Christmas!

alanabit /

A slightly self-ironical song about the annoyances which happen around Christmas.